AirLaunch HTS-2 Hotfires


HTS Test Fires, 3 Videos, June 2008
AirLaunch Vertical Test Stand Fires, Mojave, California

191 Sec

AirLaunch 191 Second VTS Fire,
April, 2007

71 Sec

AirLaunch 71 Second VTS Fire, March, 2007

40 Sec

AirLaunch 40 Second VTS Fire,
March, 2007

10 Sec

AirLaunch 10 Second VTS Fire,
January, 2007

AirLaunch LLC Drop Test
Official Video Courtesy of U.S. Air Force, Edwards AFB, Calif.

Drop June

From C-17 Aircraft, June 14, 2006

Drop July

From C-17 Aircraft, July 26, 2006



AirLaunch Hardware and Testing Photos
from DARPA/Air Force Falcon Small Launch Vehicle Program :

QuickReach Testing Results
Phase 2C Completed Vertical Test Stand Photos
Phase 2C Completed Horizontal Test Stand Photos
Phase 2C Progress Photos
Final Phase 2B Photos
Phase 2B Milestone 5A Photos
Phase 2B Milestone 5 Photos
Phase 2B Milestone 4 Photos
AirLaunch C-17 Record-Setting Drop (July 26,2006)
AirLaunch C-17 Record-Setting Drop Test Collage (June 14, 2006)
Phase 2B Milestone 3 Photos
Phase 2B Milestones 1&2 Photos
Phase 2A Photos

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Certain photos courtesy of U.S. Air Force, Edwards AFB, CA
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